Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pulling Up

Allie is learning new tricks every day!! She crawls all over the place--FAST!! She has mastered sitting up.  Her newest trick is pulling up!! She pulled up for the first time about a week ago but since then she has gotten really good at it.  She pulls up to everything she can get her hands on!  She's the most content when she's standing up.  Last night, she pulled up on me and then let go.  It scared us to death!! We thought she was going to crash but she didn't.  She just stood there for a few seconds before she sat back down.  It was so exciting!!  

Allie's new favorite sleeping position

One of Allie's new bathing suits

Allie's bathing suit coverup

After pulling up to the coffee table--notice that we've had to clean it off!!

Pulling up to the cradle

Allie loves teething biscuits!

Pulling up to the couch... Sorry that it's sideways!!


Christy said...

OK, you are right, she is SO happy when she's standing! So precious! I can't believe how fast she's learning everything. SO, when can I see her again? :) Oh, and, my Allie slept just like cute.

Erin said...

How adorable is Allie! I love her smile in every picture. :) I can't believe how big she is getting.

Sara Glenn said...

Wow! She's getting so big. She'll be walking in no time!
We love the video...hilarious!

Erin said...

need an Allie update! :)